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Executive Producer + Storyteller
I'm a 7x Emmy® Award winning video producer who has found my life's passion in sharing stories and voices through filmmaking. 

I'm currently an Executive Producer at Rocky Mountain PBS and oversee production of our documentary broadcast program Colorado Experience. Throughout my career, I have produced hundreds of documentaries, both short and long-form. In my 5 years with RMPBS I have covered a wide range of topics, from the arts, nature, and history to youth suicide prevention and the effects of climate change. I graduated with a BFA in New Media from the University of Illinois, and love connecting with people, making art for fun, biking, and hiking with my pup, Milo, and partner, Nick. 

 I also take a handful of freelance projects each year.
Contact Me and let's tell your story!

Fun Facts!

I love dogs. If I weren't in the media industry I would be operating

a dog rescue.
(This is my man, Milo)

I collect nature and found objects.

I found this deer skull in my backyard.

I have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Pictured here: helado in Madrid!  

I love to travel. The most beautiful place I've been so far is Kefalonia, Greece.

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