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Senior Multimedia Producer
I'm a 6x Emmy® Award winning video producer with a complete, unfailing passion for storytelling through filmmaking. By choosing this path I have had the opportunity to meet incredibly inspiring people and bring their stories and experiences to life. I treasure each fresh perspective and want nothing more than to share these stories with the world.

I'm currently a Senior Producer for Rocky Mountain PBS and take a handful of freelance projects each year.
Contact Me and let's tell your story!

Fun Facts!

I love dogs. If I weren't in the media industry I would be operating

a dog rescue.
(This is my man, Milo)

I collect nature and found objects.

I found this deer skull in my backyard.

I have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Pictured here: helado in Madrid!  

I love to travel. The most beautiful place I've been so far is Kefalonia, Greece.

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